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videoperform • 2006

video time : 04.44mn
film action version 50.00mn
filmmaker : Gaelle Rouart Etienne Caire
music : eRikm

The handset receiver are black and oozing :
"Where did I thus fall ? "" In an inn where everyone is killed ! "
LEVOX it is the deployment of the panoply of the stereotypes of the history of the cinema.
Its sentimental exhibitions, its fatal demonstrations, the euphoria of a burst of speed, its narrative anorexias, behind closed doors or in great spaces, it is indeed the extensive use of a finished number
of images and sounds.
Who cares under these conditions that the actors are more or less good or that their play is constipated ?
"that at least is cinema ! "
that : power of Babylon, top spin by two barkers "pompier" style whose watchword could be : "one can bring its (food) to eat !"

From sound and visual found footage worked again - frame by frame - (All the images are opticaly printed, processed, tortured in the workshop MTK),we confront these elements in a game of improvisation (we intervene on all the dimensions of the process of projection : masking, overprint, variation of the luminous intensity, the speed of scrolling of the film, the size( of the frame of the image, synchronous sound or not) in a way to develop a suspense, a film archetype if there is, in the form of abstract tension, of story for the eye, with its variations of movements and its apocalyptic skids in hyperscope .



Tuning in my head

perform • 2005

Performance for four tuning cars
Low frequency & clicks Perfermed solo and duo with dieb13

Limeligth Kortrijk . Belgium


Mashup score

perform • 2004

Step 1
Musical scores from various musical genres, thrown blindly on the floor.

Step 2
These scores are then gathered together in balls with adhesive or
thread. The volume of the resulting spheres is variable.

Step 3
These spheres are proposed to various musicians who will play from the
musical notes that are visible to them on the surface of these spheres,
moving around the balls at their feet or in front of them.
This piece’s interpretation is open both as to the number of musicians,
and to their movements, whether temporal or spatial.

The guiding principle for this score is in the continuity of work on
graphic musical scores such as (construction/deconstruction)1999



perform • 2002

Sub Bass . sine wave generator . sheet metal plate
Les Chants Mécaniques Lille . France

Extended Aric Tube

performinstallation • 2002

Audio installation & Live act / Aric tube . microphones Stroboscope phase :
Stroboscopes microphones on a audio system by Pierre Berthet

Les Chants Mécaniques Lille . France
Limeligth Kortrijk . Belgium


Blur people

perform • 2002

perform 2002
image & music by eRikm
Mimi-nor Festival Narian-Mar . Syberia


Latex pulse & strob phase

perform • 2001

Dance performance : Signé Signés de Mathilde Monnier
Latex 1.50m X +/- 5.00m by 19.00m . 2 microphones
Stroboscopes . microphone . loop system

perform 2001.2002.2003
Creation Theatre de la ville Paris . Tours in Europe


SECTION Visual Art_ video_ perform_ object_ installation_ multimedia_ sculpture_ drawing & graphism _ photo_
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