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on tour


27-28.01 with Jean-Philippe Gross research residency Instants Chavirés / Montreuil . France
29.01 with Jean-Philippe Gross Instants Chavirés / Montreuil . France
Live streaming 29.01 with Jean-Philippe Gross @ 6pm TT-Node

01-5.02 with Ensemble Dédalus .:Fata Morgana’ :. residency La Muse / Alfortville . France
5.02 AT 6:30 PM UTC+01 – 8 PM UTC+01 MuseInSitu Facebook Live│ eRikm & Dedalus : Fata Morgana

13.04 with Nathalie Forget Micro-Waves project GMEA / Albi . France
14.04 with Nathalie Forget Micro-Waves project Théâtre du Vent des Signes / Toulouse . France
17/18.04 with Hanatsu Miroir perform . : Echoplasme :. / Nœux-les-Mines . France
22/23.04 with Clyde Chabot Residence recherche Distillerie / Aubagne . France
01-5.02 with Ensemble Dédalus .:Fata Morgana’ :. residency CNCM Gmem / Marseille . France
13.05 with Dédalus ensemble ::Fata Morgana’ :: creation at Propagations festival / Marseille . France
15.05 with Ensemble Dédalus .:Fata Morgana’ :. Musique action Festival / Vandœuvre . France
14/15.06 with Jean-Philippe Gross research residency Instants Chavirés / Montreuil . France
17.06 with Jean-Philippe Gross CDN - salle Maria Casare / Montreuil . France
25.06 solo Plunder-Mix Exposition of New Music 2021 / Brno . Cz
26.06 Solo ::Flow :: Wim / Bern . Switzerland
20.08 with Nathalie Forget Micro-Waves project Le Bruit de la Musique / Domeyrot. France
12/19.10 solo residency in Avatar / Quebec . Canada
19.10 solo ::idiosyncrasy :: Avatar / Quebec . Canada
Tba ??.10 with ::La Dehors :: project Musée Régional de Rimouski . Canada
Tba ??.10 solo ::idiosyncrasy :: / Galerie B312 Montreal . Canada
Tba ??.10 with Alex St-Onge, Eric Norman / Maison pour la Danse Quebec . Canada
Tba ??.10 With Ensemble Dedalus :: Fata Morgana’ :: Festival Riverrun / Albi . Fr
Tba 12.11 with Franz Hautzinger . Eric Normand . T.Malmendier /Alternativa Festival Praha . Cz
Tba 15.11 with Franz Hautzinger . Eric Normand Le Milieu / Sault . France


16/30.04 with HANATSUmiroir Echoplasme tour / 大阪。 神戸。 京都。 東京 . Japan
Tba 22.01 with Fm Einheit / Zürich . Switzerland

forthcoming releases


 • 2021

Special edition of a drawing book & cd
Spring 2021
Echoplasme live online

Music Hanatsu Miroir
Ayako Okubo : Double bass flute
Olivier Maurel : Percussion
Erikm : Live electronics, Composition 2019 - not edit

I met HANATSUmiroir during my collaboration with the Percussions de
Strasbourg on Drum‐Machines in 2016. We decided with Ayako Okubo and
Olivier Maurel to explore the peculiar aspect of my work wich consist in
unbuilding and rebuilding the sound priorities of an ensemble.

This project is about amplified contrabass flute, percussions, sound
objects, electromagnetic lutherie, amplified electric streams, all going into my
idiosyncratic device.

We created Echoplasme during a long‐residency period, which allowed
us to apply a dynamic composition process : the instruments have transmitted
a corpus of instrumental and sound materials that I can organize differently in
their tessiture and time. This hybrid composition process looks more like an
on‐stage writing compared to a classical writing process which would be said
‘on the table’ in my case ‘on the mixing device’. I felt it was very pertinent for
me as a composer and a free improviser, to transpose my music in an
instrument‐augmented version. From this working process was born a more
free and complete musical relation between the composer and the interpret,
resonating with our time.

visual art news


Social Experimental Audio, Pre- and Post-Internet
Collective Exhibition
Sound piece select : Klein Surface Erikm 2012
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía Span
13.10.2020 to 11.01.2021
The curator of the exhibition, Francisco López
Image of Audiosphere. Sound Experimentation 1980-2020

ibride project & news online



Fata Morgana

ErikM & Ensemble Dedalus

The project consists in making audible all the spectra of sound, including those outside the field of human auditory perception, and then transposing them into notes in order to produce scores. The musicians will be immersed in the listening experience via headphones, in order to paraphrase (biomimicry) other sounds of cetaceans or bats. The circulation of original sound materials to the instrumental ensemble creates contamination between the performers, producing a « Fata Morgana » metaphorical effect.
LINKs serie 5-6
3 pieces & one interview in french @ Muse In Situ

Erikm : composition & electronics / field recording
Didier Aschour : guitar
Amélie Berson : flute
Thierry Madiot : trombone
Christian Pruvost : trumpet
Silvia Tarozzi : violin
Deborah Walker : cello
Herve Glotin Lsis Umr Cnrs : data
Maxence Mercier : video animation
Stephane Cousot . Virgile Abela . Camille Lesez : RIM developer

DEC 19 Residency - Cap Découverte / Carmaux . Fr
FAB 21 Residency - La Muse / Alfortville . Fr
MAI 21 Residency - GMEM / Marseille . Fr

MAI 13.21 Performance - Propagations Festival / Marseille . Fr
MAI 15.21 Performance - Music Action Festival / Vandœuvre . Fr
OCT 21 Festival Riverrun / Albi . Fr

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