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on tour

02.02 with Dieb13 Interpenetration / Graz . Austria
06.02 with Dieb13 / Ljubljana . Slovénie
22.02 with Dieb13 Azkuna Zentroa / Bilbao . Spain
17.03 duet Sun-Dog with Isabelle Duthoit Apnée / Grenoble . France
Cancel 18.03 duet Sun-Dog with Isabelle Duthoit / Sion . Switzerland
10/13.04 RESIDENCY OUÏE/DIRE with J-F-Gross & Marc Pichelin / Périgueux . France
25.05 with Martin Brandlmayr Porgy and Bess : Vienna . Austria
26.05 with Petr Vrba PUNCTUM / Praha . Cz
28.05 with Petr Vrba Fragment / Metz . France
29.05 with Petr Vrba La Malterie / Lille . France
01.06 Solo ::PY®AL :: Théâtre Berthelot / Montreuil . France
28.09 Perform Luc Ferrari piece / Biel/Bienne . Switzerland
30.09 Perform Luc Ferrari piece / Biel/Bienne . Switzerland
Tba 10.11 Dieb13 creation :: :: unlimited festival / Wels . Austria
Tba Dieb13 creation :: :: ALTERNATIVA Festival / Praha . Cz
Tba Dieb13 creation :: :: unlimited festival / Vienna . Austria
Tba 12.11 Sun-Dog Echoraum / Vienna . Austria
09.12 Ursatz with J-Phil Gross Som Desorganizado / Porto . Portugal

forthcoming releases

Fata Morgana

 • 2023

ErikM & Ensemble Dedalus

CD edition at Relative Pitch Records
17 Feb 2023

The project consists in making audible all the spectra of sound, including those outside the field of human auditory perception, and then transposing them into notes in order to produce scores. The musicians will be immersed in the listening experience via headphones, in order to paraphrase (biomimicry) other sounds of cetaceans or bats. The circulation of original sound materials to the instrumental ensemble creates contamination between the performers, producing a « Fata Morgana » metaphorical effect.
LINKs serie 5-6

Douze Horizons

 • 2023

Sound Postcard
A CD booklet
Format : 21 x 15 cm

Douze Horizons is an instantaneous composition, oscillating between sound performance and radio creation "horspel".

It was created as part of a commission from Avatar, an artist-run center for audio and electronic art, located in Quebec City, Canada.
This CD is an archive of the first performance that took place at Méduse in October 2021 in Quebec City.

The questions of paleoecology and paleoclimatology are summoned here, from the postglacial period and the Goldthwait Sea to the present day.
It has been imagined in its temporal organization, as a superposition of subjective strata feeding on sound materials collected in eastern Quebec, in Nitassinan.

The photos in this collection are from my travels in Quebec between 2005 and 2021.
It is a testimony of the current landscapes, of imprints and erosions that I have noted all along the road 138, until its end.


 • 2023

Titlle > L’horizon des événements
ErikM > electronics device
vrrrbitch > electronics & Trompet
PUNCTUM Session Recorded in december 2021
Recorded & Mastering by Ladislav Železný
Artwork & Design ErikM
tour de bras Canada

Next Mix

 • 2023

Erikm & DJ Sniff
Live at Next Festival 2009 > Extract
Bratislava, Slovakia
Tape & digital edition by NEXT Festival Records

Extract : Next Mix
visual art news


Group exhibition
I will present three works
Spiccato 2012 / Slices of life 2001 / a new series of small pieces.

Curated by Jérôme Poret
11.05 - 22.07 2023
Tignous Art Center / Montreuil . France

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