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Yōkai series

drawing & graphism  • 2020

Series of ink and scanography . glossy paper A4
Commissioned by Bisou records for the edition of a collection around my musical piece Echoplasme.
This series was made during the first lockdown in april 2020.
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drawing & graphism  • 2011

Poem electrocardio
Cardiotocography paper (CTG)
90 mm X 90 mm X 2000 mm



drawing & graphism  • 2010

A sequence of drawing 2006/2010,
50 pieces, variable dimensions

Galerie OÙ


Street Cut

drawing & graphism  • 2009

A sequence of street stickers (NYC, Berlin, Praha, Montreal, Tokyo...
collage 2006/2010, 20 pieces, variable dimensions


Controle suite...

drawing & graphism  • 2005

Series of digital prints dibon-pasted

2005 : beginnings of the TNT (digital TV process), first digital images dumping, new media machines seeping into our homes. Harnessed alarm and control thought by manipulation : eRikm bores the aerial.
Short-circuits make the system fail, throwing into the source, until TV screen crashes. The image, lived up by the distortion takes pictorial forms and colours.
Captured and taken off the flow, they appear like icons of an insidious society of “control”, that generates new mutants in free movement, introduced in the body of its media-supports.



drawing & graphism  • 2001

Collage, A4

Codé_in is a collage conceived like a transfer support. The device appeals to a self-projection into time and space, notions virtually embodied by the line pattern. On the page, an encoded (on codeine ?) character is inlayed on the surface of an encrypted screen, and cast into the psychic space of a sequential memory. Its unstable posture and fixed position convey this idea of displacement and of a quest for anchorage, revealing the artist’s characteristic nomadism.



drawing & graphism  • 2000

Laser photocopies, A3 X 5

From primitive gestures, eRikm makes a laser photocopier motherboard bug, producing a thin streaked colour gradation on the blank page. Mistakes, tremors, and shuffle code entering generate the incident, converting the original picture into stretched calculation points. A framework appears : a set of lines containing information from an unknown and vanished source. Its reproduction ad infinitum screens the last visible tracks until they almost disappear.


drawing & graphism  • 2000

Serigraphy edition , A1 X 134 cm

As a response to the constraint set by a commission from L’Attente editions, eRikm answers with a constraint : make lines, submission state to the support, which generates here the manuscript of a minimalist score improvised on a repeat mode. A kind of ringing in the ear without hearing stimuli, this Acouphène (tinnitus) arises out of the blank page trauma : “I won’t copy any more”, false resolution for an artist for whom copying is a work tool, a nod to the dunce eRikm, who has now became a figure for “erudite” music.

SECTION Visual Art_ video_ perform_ object_ installation_ multimedia_ sculpture_ drawing & graphism _ photo_
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