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drawing & graphism  • 2011

Poem electrocardio
Cardiotocography paper (CTG)
90 mm X 90 mm X 2000 mm


object • 2011

Ø 25,9 x 62,5 cm.

instants chavires


video • 2011

Video : eRikm
Music : Ground Zero
commissioned by Institut Tokyo
80 minutes pour le Japon
Tokyo . Japan



drawing & graphism  • 2011


Board designed by eRikm :: Streetcut / Vanity case series 2010 ::
An order of Matsé-skateboards France
Matsé #10 Forthcoming Releases : Jan.2011


86 164,1s

video • 2011

1 mn project : video 01
86 164,1 second
Florencia . Italia



installation • 2010

Installation, cut and print cardboard, steel frame, variable dimensions

The area of technical reproducibility opens a way to a sacralised relation to the art piece and its mass consumption.
Disincarnation of an alleged original “aura” of the “master-work” in the industrial serialisation of its artefacts. Here, puzzles of master pieces are broken up to their very pieces, and lined up according to the reading order and reset on empty metallic frames.
Stocking of fragmentary data of a passed history devoted to art, the slices recall the graphic bars compacted into hard disks, getting rid of its obsolete memories as time goes by. The rhythmic formulas cut the space into virtual continuums, as a kind of digital landscape to monochrome variations.
From a certain point of view, a visual frontier appears, creating an irisation effect sometimes interrupted by the possibility to pass in between the lines.



sculpture • 2010

Sculpture, steel tubes, pvc, variable dimensions

Converted into modules, SeQ-L plastic caps pile up and proliferate from upper grounds to undergrounds, usurping the space.
Composed like a sample, the art piece draws rhythmic curves leaking into the building. The installation links the infinitely small to the infinitely large, plays with the tensions between waves and particles, and revisits physics : DNA branches or string theory.
The title refers to the idea of trauma in line with the molecular memory, a trouble caused by an accident.



installation • 2010

Boxing Helmet, sensors, electronic device

Inserted into fighting helmets, eye sockets connected to electronic sensors broadcast a high pressure acoustic frequency. The system is inspired by a new type of despotic weapon conceived to maintain order :
reference to the acoustic bombers used during war time to upset nerves, to the hyper-frequency device that causes trouble and sickness used by the G-20 to prevent insurrection, or to the “Beethoven”, those ultrasounds audible only by teenagers and used in Great Britain to keep squatters away from building halls.
The device invites us to enter a fracture of the repressive system, constricted in between two isolating walls, in between two bowed heads, in between two tonsils : encephalon nucleus keeping signs of our fears.
The art piece takes place in the infra-thin chink of an oppressed freedom, where the fight against pressure and social control in power is questioned.


SECTION Visual Art_ video_ perform_ object_ installation_ multimedia_ sculpture_ drawing & graphism _
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