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Fata Morgana

music for ensemble • 0 • 2021

ErikM & Ensemble Dedalus

CD edition at Relative Pitch Records
17 Feb 2023

The project consists in making audible all the spectra of sound, including those outside the field of human auditory perception, and then transposing them into notes in order to produce scores. The musicians will be immersed in the listening experience via headphones, in order to paraphrase (biomimicry) other sounds of cetaceans or bats. The circulation of original sound materials to the instrumental ensemble creates contamination between the performers, producing a « Fata Morgana » metaphorical effect.
LINKs serie 5-6

Erikm : composition & electronics / field recording
Ensemble Dedalus is
Didier Aschour : guitar / Amélie Berson : flute
Thierry Madiot : trombone / Christian Pruvost : trumpet
Silvia Tarozzi : violin / Deborah Walker : cello

Herve Glotin Lsis Umr Cnrs : data
Maxence Mercier : video animation
Stephane Cousot . Virgile Abela . Camille Lesez : RIM developer
Mastering : Giuseppe Ielasi

Sound All pieces
Video > MuseInsitu Out of residence fab 2021 > 3 pièces

Sound All pieces
Video > MuseInsitu Out of residence fab 2021 > 3 pièces

Expedition Pass Reservoir


music for ensemble • 0 • 2019

Hanatsu Miroir
Ayako Okubo : Double bass flute
Olivier Maurel : Percussion
Erikm : Live electronics, Composition 2019

I met HANATSUmiroir during my collaboration with the Percussions de
Strasbourg on Drum‐Machines in 2016. We decided with Ayako Okubo and
Olivier Maurel to explore the peculiar aspect of my work wich consist in
unbuilding and rebuilding the sound priorities of an ensemble.

This project is about amplified contrabass flute, percussions, sound
objects, electromagnetic lutherie, amplified electric streams, all going into my
idiosyncratic device.

We created Echoplasme during a long‐residency period, which allowed
us to apply a dynamic composition process : the instruments have transmitted
a corpus of instrumental and sound materials that I can organize differently in
their tessiture and time. This hybrid composition process looks more like an
on‐stage writing compared to a classical writing process which would be said
‘on the table’ in my case ‘on the mixing device’. I felt it was very pertinent for
me as a composer and a free improviser, to transpose my music in an
instrument‐augmented version. From this working process was born a more
free and complete musical relation between the composer and the interpret,
resonating with our time.
Erikm 2019

Echoplasme online

Book of ink collection + CD
Edition : Bisou-records fall 2022
Distribution : Les Presses du Reel



music for ensemble • 4 • 2017

Morphogenesis of being
Ensemble Phoenix Basel
ErikM 2017

Watch the videoscore here
Watch the videoscore with the original picture

Particles is a mixed media work for two sets of instruments (ensembles) and electronics.
It is based on a video score inspired by a panoramic photograph taken in Camargue, in the winter of 2016.
The idea for the setup and the asymmetrical orchestral performance came to me while I was hiding in the reeds to do some birdwatching. On the water’s surface, I saw the reflection of semi-submerged plants that created geometric shapes and complex movements.
The superimposition of the states of these plants split into two, between the static upper part above the water and its iridescent reflection on the surface, form an interconnected system and present a quantum state in which both are dependent on each other, in that moment.
The transposition of this quantum entanglement to two instrumental ensembles playing the same score creates timbral polarizations, "Klangfarbenmelodie."
The plants that are above the water, along with their slightly modified reflections, are transposed to both ensembles, which simultaneously interpret the shapes musically in terms of tempo, pitch and intensity, in two physically different spaces.
These two ensembles must be equal in terms of size and string section. However the piece remains open, and can therefore be performed by heterogeneous ensembles or groups. As for the audience members, they are encouraged to sit between the two ensembles.
The piece premiered on June 11, 2017 as part of a commission from the Ensemble Phoenix Basel. The first sound recording to accompany the video score was a superimposition of two performances by the same ensemble in an identical space, 24 hours apart.
Erikm 2017
Fr >>>

Particules - extract


music for ensemble • 0 • 2016

Les Percussions de Strasbourg
Erikm > Electronics

Throughout the ages and their various uses, survival tools (rhombus wind instruments, flute-calls, etc.) have become musical instruments. In the context of this work, these vectors of affects co-exist side-by-side with an electro-acoustic system.

 This machine cannibalizes its own sound production while simultaneously thriving on sounds produced by the musicians. 
From this agora spring forth "multitimbral" landscapes whose edges dissolve into microtonal steppes, devoid of human action.

From liminal pulsation to decimal infinity, the physicality of the sound summons an allegory to geology, from the infra thin (l’émoi - volute) to the supra massive (embâcle - doline).

 Drum-Machines consists of subconscious and collective archaic fields
that reach all the way to the noise aberration of the contemporary world. The 21st century begins in its great collapse, the imbalances and the disruptions of the sound masses deployed by organisms in movement (percussionists) compress time and sounds until their paroxysms.

This work is the elaboration of a lengthy sifting approach in which process creates form through a dynamic composition. This process uses accumulation, manipulation and re-arrangement across several generations of sound data. The original intention is modified and transformed.

Drum-Machines is polymorphic in it’s arrangement, suspended on a line of time and actions.
Erikm 2016

Video online
CD & Double LP 2018
Edition : Les Percussions de Strasbourg
Distribution : Corticalart

L’émoi des mats


music for ensemble • 0 • 2012

Sound, Memory and Flesh

DVD Edition .
Image générative & Music by eRikm
with L’ensemble Laborintus
Time : 21.54 mn / 2009

Austral is a mixed work (electronic and video) for ensemble, originally composed for Laborintus (contemporary ensemble). This creation was previously imagined in its origins to be re-interpreted by other musical aesthetics.
Austral is a pretext, a vector. My main interest is to deal directly with the sounds, music, and ‘noises’ produced by musicians : the specific archetypes of their own training (amateur or professional). This piece calls for an individual memory, as well as a collective memory...

Video extract


d'autres cordes records |France
Austral - extract


music for ensemble • 5 • 2000

Vorschlag einer partitur
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For the Positionen revue
ErikM 2000

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