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Dos d’ânes

improv & collective projects • 0 • 2009

Noetinger . Doneda . eRikm

Hacking away on a homemade system and twisted electronic tools, eRikm and Jérôme Noetinger gleefully activate levers, tactile screens and joysticks with the utmost concentration. Michel Doneda makes the air shake with acoustic vibrations - or is it vice-versa ? Together, they give free rein to their audio tricks, making buzzing, interference, constructive feedback, electro-shocks, concrete slipping, hazed quotes, white noise, saturations and incisive scratches... >>>

Ronda |France
extract track 01


improv & collective projects • 0 • 2008

eRikm & Akosh S.

"in his sleevenotes for the 1959 album change of the century, Ornette Coleman suggested that his music was" something like the paintings of jackson pollock’.
when Coleman’s epochal Free Jazz was issued the following year, Pollock’s White Light was reproduced on the cover. In a spirit allied to action painting, this music was energy made audible and ordered from within.>>>

Ronda |France
Extract part 1

©haos ©lub

improv & collective projects • 0 • 2007

eRikm & dieb13

eRikm and dieb13 are two of the most prominent and well-respected experimental turntablists in the world, both working in a wide range of contexts, from the classical world to club DJing. Over the last two years, they have begun frequently working as a duo, and chaos club marks their first duo recording together >>>

erstwhilerecords |USA
©haoss ©lub

Les ProtoRythmiques

improv & collective projects • 0 • 2007

eRikm ’Luc Ferrari’ & Thomas Lhen

Music as texture - once that leap is made, once the notion is accepted (to quote John Cage) that everything is music (and vice versa), the ear can readily embrace sounds not knit out of the usual fabric of melody, harmony or rhythm. Everything is not only music, but everything is permitted — "music" has been generated by household objects, electronically-powered equipment, the basic human voice, noises sampled, oversampled and resampled ad infinitum. These elements of sonic reproduction have informed whole movements, from the French musique concrétists to the contemporary turntablist, both inventing (and inverting) new forms, models, syntaxes. >>>

room40 |Australia
Les ProtoRythmiques

Et tournent les sons

improv & collective projects • 0 • 2006

Luc Ferrari . Ensemble Laborintus & eRikm

From the recently deceased composer Luc Ferrari a CD with two pieces, which are for a small ensemble and tape/electronics. The small ensemble here is the Ensemble Laborintus : five people playing harp, percussion, clarinet, cello and flute. In ’Et Tournent Les Sons Dans La Garrigue’ (meaning ’and sounds are spinning in the garigue’) I believe the score is somewhat open ended. >>>

cesare |France
Et tournent les sons | 0.28 min

Trace cuts

improv & collective projects • 0 • 2005

eRikm + M. Tetreault + O. Yoshihide

Recorded during the Musica Genera festival in 2004, this collaborative work featuring ERikm on effects, Otomo Yoshihide on guitar and Martin Tetreault on turntables is an experimental workout of some subtance. >>>

musica genera records |Poland
trace cuts | 0:56 min

Complementary contrasts

improv & collective projects • 0 • 2004

erikm + christian fennesz

The performance begins with what sounds like an uncontrolled
electrical signal, its voltage almost certainly lethal. The signal
pulses menacingly, its rhythm quickly mutating. There are metallic
overtones and an accompanying percussive sound, as if something were
pounding upon an electric guitar’s strings. >>>

hat hut Rec & SWR2 |Switzerland
complementary contrasts | 2 :04 min

Archives sauvées des eaux

improv & collective projects • 0 • 2004

Luc Ferrari & erikm

Winner of the « In memoriam » award of the « Académie Charles Cros » 2005, "Archives sauvées des Eaux" represents the encounter between a pioneer of concrete music, who died of late, and a live sound’s manipulator. In the last six years, Luc Ferrari worked on a series of compositions to explore, in every direction, the totality of the concepts he experimented since the beginning of his work in the middle 50’s and this CD is a great evidence of those. The idea raised as some water damaged a collection of magnetic tapes, where works from the 70’s were recorded. The author decided to compose using what has been saved and proposed to eRikm to participate to a re-building project in Milan. The guest artist, live sampling Ferrari’s material and playing his own sounds, changed the original creations giving life to a new touching opera. The album, produced by Carla Chiti and Nicola Guiducci, is the live recording of the performance without any post-production.>>>
(Grand Prix 2005 Charles Cros In Memoriam)

anglerecords |italy
Archives sauvées des eaux | 0 :28 min
SECTION concrete & acousma_ music for ensemble_ radiophony_ improv & collective projects_ Ogg/tape/object _ sampler_ pastime_
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