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solo • 0 • 2018

3 Akousmatics pieces : CD edition
Draugalimur Membre fantôme
L’aire de la Moure
Empreintes Digitales Quebec . Canada
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Empreintes Digitales
Draugalimur Extract


solo • 0 • 2018

Erikm & les Percussions de Strasbourg

Throughout the ages and their various uses, survival tools (rhombus wind instruments, flute-calls, etc.) have become musical instruments. In the context of this work, these vectors of affects co-exist side-by-side with an electro-acoustic system.

 This machine cannibalizes its own sound production while simultaneously thriving on sounds produced by the musicians. 
From this agora spring forth "multitimbral" landscapes whose edges dissolve into microtonal steppes, devoid of human action.

From liminal pulsation to decimal infinity, the physicality of the sound summons an allegory to geology, from the infra thin (l’émoi - volute) to the supra massive (embâcle - doline).

 Drum-Machines consists of subconscious and collective archaic fields
that reach all the way to the noise aberration of the contemporary world. The 21st century begins in its great collapse, the imbalances and the disruptions of the sound masses deployed by organisms in movement (percussionists) compress time and sounds until their paroxysms.

This work is the elaboration of a lengthy sifting approach in which process creates form through a dynamic composition. This process uses accumulation, manipulation and re-arrangement across several generations of sound data. The original intention is modified and transformed.

Drum-Machines is polymorphic in it’s arrangement, suspended on a line of time and actions.

CD & Double LP
Label PDS
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L’émoi des mats

Doubse Hystérie

solo • 0 • 2016

Doubse Hystérie
6 tracks : CD edition

At the inception of this commissioned work offered to me by
"Intermèdes Géographiques" in 2011, I was looking for a meaning
and a relationship between my work as a composer and the specific
constraints of this project.
I selected six pieces from the nine initial ones in order to adapt
to the CD format and to a home listening.


Monotype Records |Poland

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solo • 0 • 2015

l’Art de la fuite
First records selection 1994 - 1995
Originally recorded for handmade tape limited edition.
10 tracks : vinyl edition

VITAL WEEKLY / N°1000 / Week 39
Over the years there have been reviews of the work of erikM, as he likes to spell out his name, sometimes solo, but by my own estimation more in collaboration with other people. His main instruments are media products, such as vinyl and CDs, which is damages and then starts playing again, layering them together into new compositions. He has been doing so for more than twenty years. In 1995 he released his fourth cassette, in which he worked with vinyl more than CDs, using, if the postcards are any help, three turntables at the time, scratching records, carving grooves to create loops, cutting records in half and sticking them back together, making burn holes and such like. It’s not unlike the work of Milan Knizak, who coined the term ’broken music’ already in the sixties and Christian Marclay. ErikM put this on a four-track cassette and created his own compositions with these sounds, and I must say I quite enjoyed this lot. If I’m honest I find the whole turntablist movement a bit
tiring, but what erikM does here is very good. His pieces aren’t some scratch records being played, but by layering various sounds together he creates pieces of music, which are engaging to hear. Minimal at times, loop-wise of course, but erikM takes exactly the right sound of a record and fiddles around with it, so he slip in a melody of some kind, such as in the beautiful ’Rose’. Occasionally of course there is noise, which seems hard to avoid if you do this, but they don’t seem to be around here a lot. All ten pieces are kept to a minimum in length, except perhaps for ’Ich War Ein Armer Heidensohn’, which is almost nine minutes, in which erikM explores his material and plays a ’song’, rather than presenting some experiments of an electro-acoustic nature. I must admit I didn’t hear any of the erikM cassettes in the nineties, but if the others were like this, then I’d say : bring it on. This is an excellent record ; if you are into turntablism, good ol’ fashioned experimental music
with a fine dash of noise sewn into this or just into overlooked obscurities : this is the place to be (this week that is). (FdW)


Sonoris |France


solo • 0 • 2012

Transfall is composed of six pieces that were all made on commission either for compilations
of various labels, dance choreographies or instrumental ensemble.
Except for Austral, these pieces share a method of composition as well as the instrumentation.
My wish to collect these pieces on the same album allows the listener to hear my compositional
work in the field of musique concrète, both mixed and electroacoustic. 
The time spent on the composition of some of these pieces
gave me the possibility to ‘break out’,
that is to get out of my usual processes of ‘degeneration/generation’ of a body or of a multiplicity
of ‘pre-existing sound objects’.
Thus my gesture shifted, I have looked for and recorded my own sound materials.



Room40 |Australia
BatFoxPark / extract


solo • 0 • 2012

Sound, Memory and Flesh

DVD Edition .
Image générative & Music by eRikm
with L’ensemble Laborintus
Time : 21.54 mn / 2009

Austral is a mixed work (electronic and video) for ensemble, originally composed for Laborintus (contemporary ensemble). This creation was previously imagined in its origins to be re-interpreted by other musical aesthetics.
Austral is a pretext, a vector. My main interest is to deal directly with the sounds, music, and ‘noises’ produced by musicians : the specific archetypes of their own training (amateur or professional). This piece calls for an individual memory, as well as a collective memory...

Video extract


d'autres cordes records |France
Austral - extract


solo • 0 • 2010

With this piece, I have been working with the sound material of Western cinema, after its multiple supports : optical film sound, video tapes, dvd and also with sounds that I recorded in cinemas during projections.
Originally, my interest in this « process-handling » is the very relation to listening to the motion picture sounds, its clichés, tensions, loosening, sound effects, and the emotional palettes coming out. In the meantime, Lux echoes a reflexion about the process of identification to such actors or groups of population, including a potentially schizophrenic relation over these projections (Hallucinations).
My desire, on this occasion, was to support the emergence of psychic images so that the listener would seize different elements to create his own decorations, lights, landscapes. Via this range of acoustic suggestions, the listener would let him be led to the centre of his own interpretations.
The first empirical phase of creation originated in an intuitive selection of musics, sound effects, and audience reactions. Gradually, as a meaningful “colour” arose from these sound images, the layout of comments released a social criticism, through the prism of popular cinema. 2007

Entr'acte |UK


solo • 0 • 2008

2003 / Prod.2008

eRikm’s remarkable compositional work Stème originates from deliberately damaged CDs of 1-minute works deconstructed and manipulated in real time.
"Between his reputation as swift shifting improviser, concréte composer and turntable deconstructionist, Marseilles based artist eRikm has earned himself an enviable position in the European music community. With Stéme, his most ambitious and fully realised compositional work to date, he devolves and recontextualises the boundaries between sound source and sound media.


ROOM40 |Australia
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