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on tour

- 2017
26.01 with PDS play Drum-machines Arsenal / Metz . France
04.02 with Martin Brandlmayr Ear we are Festival / Biel-Bienne . Switzerland
05.02 with Martin Brandlmayr Cave 12 / Geneva . Switzerland
29.04 with Louise Leverd & Clara Cornil ((OW-AO))#4 / Gentilly . France
02.05 solo Idiosyncrasie Raumklänge Festival / Stommeln . Germany
10.05 With Cartouche La machine à Coudre / Marseille . France
20.05 with PDS play Drum-machines Festival les musiques / Marseille . France
24.05 with PDS play Drum-machines TIPC National Concert Hall / Taipei . Taiwan
01/06 with EKT = H.Kimmig & O.Tzschoppe Instants Chavirés / Montreuil . France
11.06 with Ensemble Phoenix Basel .:creation :. / Basel . Switzerland
12.06 with Ensemble Phoenix Basel / Basel . Switzerland
13.06 with Ensemble Phoenix Basel / Geneva . Switzerland
07.07 with Stephane Cousot Understanding Planétarium / Marseille . France
14.10 with Anthony Pateras Le Séchoir & Meteo / Mulhouse . France
19.10 with Anthony Pateras CCAM / Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy . France
21.10 with PDS play Drum⧜machines ⧜ version GRM l’Auditorium St Germain / Paris . France
24.11 Solo Idiosyncrasie Riam festival / Marseille . France
24.11 solo Idiosyncrasie Bruit Blancs Festival / Arceuil . France
25.11 with Anthony Pateras / Bratislava . Slovakia
26.11 with Anthony Pateras / Brno . Czech Republic

21.12 solo & workshop Conservatoire Supérieur National Musique & Danse / Paris . France

forthcoming releases


 • 2017

Erikm & les Percussions de Strasbourg

is a premeditation on the exchange between two musical areas of the XXIst century : contemporary and electronic musics. This is a dynamic composition where the process creates form. Speed, pulse, timbre and instruments are subject to numerous distortions by real or virtual machines.
Sound and instrumental materials recorded or (re-) interpreted reflect as much the memory as the imagination of musicians, they are the result of the gesture embodied by each one, that is renewed and transformed in contact with the machine.
On stage, a collective instrumental device is in the center of the stage : it represents the agora, the point of impact and meeting, the eye of the maelstrom to which each musician brings his energy. A video device reveals on a big screen the invisible details of this timeless domestication between man and his tools.
Label PDS France

Available on cd, vinyl april 2018

Preview Rhythmicon piece from Drum-Machines


 • 2017

3 Akousmatics pieces : CD edition
Draugalimur Membre fantôme
L’aire de la Moure
Empreintes Digitales Quebec . Canada

release in 2018

Draugalimur Extract
visual art news


Cathode Exhibition
22.09.17 / 17.12.17
Le Séchoir Mulhouse France

Dalle LCD & Led or Cold Cathode
Piece from 2013 to 2017
Since the beginning of 2010, eRikm uses the physical properties of "prepared" TV screen cathodes, in the musical sense of the term, to obtain "improvised" variations :
the degradations he applies beforehand to the screens he uses generate evolutionary images due to the gradual disappearance of the physical qualities of the screen and of the cathodes it contains. A paradoxical phenomenon, since the progressive death of the screen gives rise to new images, in an almost permanent recycling movement that lasts until either the power or the screen is turned off.

Le Séchoir

ibride project & news online


Le territoire nous enseigne la nuit
Création Radiophonique - Hörspiel
With Natacha Muslera for Création on Air
Broadcast 04.05




eRikm & Les Percussions de Strasbourg
Mixed work for percussion and live electronics, 50 ’
2016 Creation Musica Festival, Strasbourg, FR
Composition and music production : eRikm
Employees : 4 percussionists and eRikm (electronic and acousmatic projection)
Video system (network camera) : Stéphane Cousot
Co Percussions de Strasbourg and GMEM

26.01 with PDS play Drum-machines Arsenal / Metz . France
20.05 with PDS play Drum-machines Festival les musiques / Marseille . France
24.05 with PDS play Drum-machines TIPC National Concert Hall / Taipei . Taiwan

21/10 with PDS play Drum-machines GRM l’Auditorium St Germain / Paris . France

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